The Two Worlds of J. Troy Seate

I’ve had a fling with a number of artistic endeavors, but writing has become my passion. Since 2005, I’ve written everything from humor to the erotic to the macabre, and am especially keen on stories that transcend genre pigeonholing. Although I enjoy writing in all genres, it’s the mysterious, the senuous, and the macabre that seem to influence the funny monkey in my brain the most. Many of my books, novellas, short stories, and memoirs can be found on amazon, B&N, and other websites. Others are in numerous magazines, newspapers, anthologies and webzines. I live in Golden, Colorado with the dream of enjoying the rest of my life traveling and writing. Look for my stories of horror/suspense, and erotic romance at the following websites. Welcome to my worlds. 


                                                J. Troy Seate for scary tales for steamy romance for paranormal novellas for sexy scary for stories that sizzle 


Horror & Suspense*


Valley of Tears

Tears for the Departed

And the Heavens Wept

The Swann Saga Trilogy novels

Connor House

A paranormal novella


Carnival of Nightmares

A horror anthology

Midway of Fear

A horror anthology

Paranormal Dreams

A paranormal anthology


Something about Sara

A paranormal novella




Supernatural horror novella



 Erotic Romance* 


Hot bike, hot guy, hot gal


Captured...Heart & Soul

A multi-author anthology


Strange Desires 2

A multi-author anthology


Sex in Bloom

Tales of sexual discovery

Where Erotic Danger Dwells

An erotic anthology


Raw Unbridled Stories of Heroism








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